What the Delta 8 Gummy is Capable Of

There are many options for edibles. These include liquidized forms, food products, and desserts. The effects of edibles can last longer or take longer depending on how long they were taken, what time it was taken, and whether or not you have consumed any drugs or alcohol.

Remember that edibles are more effective than a joint, dab, or cart, and they take longer to hit.

The Delta 8 Gummy: Breaking Down Edibles

Below is a guideline of what you can expect to do when you take Delta 8 Gummies. Notice: The exact timing will depend on many factors, such as tolerance and dose.


Within the first 30 minutes, you shouldn’t expect much. Your body is still metabolizing the Delta 8 THC Gummy. When your body has begun to metabolize the Delta 8, that is when you will start to feel the effects of the hemp-derived THC. If you have a rapid metabolism, you may feel some effects.


The onset effects of Delta 8 begin to kick in at this point. Expect to experience a euphoric high. This is also where most people make the error of thinking that the Delta 8 Gummy doesn’t work, and then eat more. Don’t! You shouldn’t! Everybody has their own time to get high from eating.


The Delta 8 edible has been metabolized by your body and you should now feel its full effects. This is also a good time to decide if you should take more or less the next time. There are many ways to reduce the amount you have taken accidentally. You can take half the amount you took if you feel you haven’t taken enough. Do not take too many Delta 8 Gummies. They are extremely concentrated, and a bad high can be very distressing. Feel free to share your negative experiences with edibles in our comments section!

This article is written by a THC specialist at Tiki Mike’s THC. Tiki Mike’s THC was founded in 2021 in response to the market demand for safe, legal, high-quality THC products. Our mission is to provide THC products that are the highest level of purity and potency. Our products include gummies, vapes, tinctures, soft gels, Delta 8 Pre roll, and loose smokable hemp flowers. Each of our products is lab tested.

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